Betonipallas works closely with both the client and the designer to find the best solutions relating to the appearance and properties of concrete from concept through to implementation. In this way we can create new, innovative opportunities and optimize costs. Specialised in colourpatination, concrete art and consultations Betonipallas is among the leaders in it’s field in Finland. Betonipallas Ltd is registered with Suomen Tilaajavastuu Ltd as a “Reliable Partner” service.

Umbra Colour Patination – Preparation Guidance Note Pdf


The company has developed and implemented a number of concrete patina colouring projects across Finland.


Umbra colour patination is suitable for old and new in-situ and precast concrete surfaces. The patina’s reagents penetrate the surface of the concrete where they react with the cement to form reddish-brown coloured compounds. Three to four applications are required depending on the properties of the concrete and the desired hue. The finished colour is nuanced and surface knocks and scratches are easy to cover over.


It is preferable that the work be carried out on site. Continuous application over a large area covers over joints between elements and helps eliminate variation in tone between individual elements. It is essential that all cement glue is carefully removed from the surface first by e.g. Sandblasting.


Kangasala Cultural Centre. Architects: Heikkinen-Komonen Ltd


Betonipallas has realised a number of works of art across Finland and offers an all-inclusive service, in consultation with clients and artists to achieve the best results. Betonipallas Ltd has realised several environmental and art works with different artists around Finland. The best specialists and concrete manufacturers are used and Betonipallas oversees the whole process including selection of artists, planning, implementation and installation. We assist the artists in finding the best solutions and ensure that the artistic integrity of the work is protected throughout the process.


Instalation of artwork designed by Anssi Pulkkinen and Taneli Rautiainen.



We help designers to find the best solutions for the use of concrete within the cityscape.


• Töölönlahti WDC – concrete components of new exercise equipment. Co-designed with Design Reform Ltd.
• Tapiola traffic roundabout – guidelines for the implementation and appearance of concrete structures.
• Tapiola Leimuniitty – instructions for the use of concrete.
• Kirkkojärvi – cosmetic repairs to school walls using the ‘Ando’ method.
• Tapiola. “Forest Tapiola” – definition of concrete surfaces to residential buildings.
• Helsinki, St Lawrence chapel and Kamppi chapel – cosmetic repairs to concrete castings.
• Vuores residential area. Kirjailijanpuisto(Writer’s Park) – concrete walls and seating areas.